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Ecocamel had a strong offline presence which was being let down by poor online performance. Our task was to analyse their eCommerce model to find out what was going wrong.



We started off by analysing the data they had already collected relating to their website's performance. Through this, we identified the key areas that were causing the website to perform poorly and what we had to do to fix them. This included the restructuring the website's navigation, optimising their checkout funnel, speeding up the website's load time and a revamping their mobile design. 


We then analysed their marketing data and identified the channels that weren't bringing in the necessary results. The insights we gleaned from this allowed us to effectively work with their in-house team to optimise their SEO, paid search & social media marketing strategies.


We also assisted in setting up the attribution modelling for their marketing channels so that they would be able to accurately monitor the performance of their marketing channels in the future.



After working with Econamel for 6 months, we were able to achieve the following results:

  • A significant increase in the website's overall site traffic by 64%. 

  • An uplift in the mobile conversion rate from 1.2% to 7.5% (605% increase). 

  • A significant increase in the overall website conversion rate by 170%

  • A significant drop in the website's bounce rate by 50%.

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