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Digital Journey Optimisation

What is Digital Journey Optimisation?


Digital Journey Optimisation is the process of making continuous data-backed improvements on a website in order to increase its ability to convert visitors into customers and generate more revenue for the business.


What impact can this have on your business?

If a business has an effective optimisation strategy, it can significantly increase the amount of revenue generated from its website without having to increase the amount of traffic being driven to it.


Let's use the below scenario as an example:

Month 1

With a marketing budget of £25,000, had 35,000 visitors, a conversion rate of 3%, and an AOV (Average Order Value) of £150.


Number of Transactions: (35,000 x 3%) = 1,050

Revenue Generated: (1,050 x £150) = £157,500

Marketing Budget ROI: 528%


During the next 3 months, worked with a CRO agency and managed to increase its conversion rate up to 4% whilst maintaining the same marketing budget, website traffic level and AOV.


Month 4

Number of Transactions: (35,000 x 4%) = 1400

Revenue Generated: (1,400 x £150) = £210,00

Marketing Budget ROI: 740%


With just a 1 percentage point increase in its conversion rate, managed to boost its monthly revenue by £52,500 without having to increase its marketing budget!!



What Can Swayven Digital Do For You?

As CRO enthusiasts, everything we do is data-driven. We take pride in understanding customer behaviour on a microscopic level through razor-sharp data analysis. With our perfect balance of analytical thinking & fluid creativity, we can design, test & deliver highly-effective CRO strategies with eye-catching UX designs that will keep your visitors engaged and compelled to make a purchase from your website.


We follow a simple 6-step process in all our CRO projects:


  • Data Collection & Analysis 

  • Hypothesis Ideation & Prioritisation

  • Test Planning & Design

  • Test Building & QA

  • Test Launch

  • Post-Test Analysis & Implementation

Tell us about your project

We are here to assist. Let's talk about it in a free 30-min consultation.

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