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Analytics Healthcheck

Making important business decisions based on inaccurate, incomplete or "dirty" data is worse than making business decisions based on no data at all. With our Analytics Healthcheck service, we will perform an audit on your current data collection set up and produce a 10-15 page document highlighting all the key issues that should be fixed. We've performed audits on dozens of analytics accounts and the most common issues we come across are:
  • Incorrectly configured account settings

  • Analytics platform collecting PII (Personally Identifiable Information)

  • Incomplete/Non-Working Tracking Code

  • No/Weak Event Tracking

  • No/Weak Campaign Tracking

  • Duplicate Page Tracking

  • Enhanced eCommerce not set up

  • And many others... ​​


After the audit has been completed, we can either help you to fix the issues we find or if you would prefer to handle that yourself, our report would contain simple guidelines that you'll be able to easily follow.


Contact us today and let us help you ensure that your analytics setup is correctly configured, collecting the right data & providing the right insights for your business to be successful.

One-Off Analytics Projects


Whether you're a new business needing a complete analytics implementation, a growing business trying to understand its data or an established business that has just undergone a migration project, our team of talented web analysts are here to assist you with your analytics endeavours. Some of our one-off analytics services include:


  • Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics Implementations

  • Google Analytics/Adobe Analytics Reconfigurations

  • 3rd Party Data Integrations

  • KPI & Measurement Planning

  • Custom Dashboard Building

  • Report Automation

  • Ad-Hoc Data Analysis


If you have an analytics problem that needs solving, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.


Ongoing Analytics Support


If you feel that you need some extra number-crunching manpower in your business on a long-term basis, we can act as an extension of your team and provide you with ongoing analytics support based on a set retainer. Our on-going analytics services include:

  • Ongoing Analytics Consulting

  • Analytics Platform Maintenance

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly Insights Reporting

  • Ad-Hoc Deep-Dive Analysis

  • Training Sessions & Mentoring for your in-house team

  • Ongoing CRO Support (Click Here for more info)​


Depending on the level of support you would like from us, our services can be agreed on a monthly or quarterly retainers.


If your business has a website or an app that customers can interact with, chances are you have a gold mine worth of data that can be crunched & analysed to help answer key business questions such as:


  • How are your customers finding you?

  • What are they doing on your website or app? Are they as engaged as you would like them to be?

  • Which areas of your website or app that are actually causing your business to lose money?

  • Which marketing channels/campaigns are the most profitable for your business?

  • How solid is your online performance in comparison to competitors?

  • And many others...

Despite this fact, there are still thousands of online business either don’t know how to fully utilize the data they are tracking, have their data tracking setup incorrectly, or aren’t tracking their online data at all.

This leaves the CEO's, Owners and Managers of these businesses forced to make vital business & marketing decisions based on inaccurate, incomplete and unreliable information.


Digital analytics is essential for identifying your business's strengths, weaknesses, and reveal opportunities to generate more sales, stimulate customer engagement, increase marketing ROI & drive business growth.


We're here to help your business harness the power of its digital analytics data.



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